1. First up -  We’re going cashless.

For 2019,  PANAMA is moving to a cashless system for all festival sales. It’s pretty simple. This is how it works. There will be a chip on your wristband and you can use this to purchase food, drinks, merchandise and market items. This will mean faster service and no need to carry around your wallet.


How do you top up your wristband?

There are three ways

  • When you buy your tickets there will be an option to 'pre-load' your wristband with credit. Then, when you arrive, you’ll be ready to go.

  • From December 1st, you will be able to log in to your 'digital wallet' here top up your wristband.

  • Alternatively, there will be a top-up station at the site. You can use your bank card to top up whenever you need to.

What if I don’t spend it all at the end?

Things can get foggy at the end of the festival but we have you covered here. You’ll have two weeks after the festival to log-in and cash out any remaining balance on your wristband and it will appear back in your account. Re-claim unspent credit here.  

Got questions about your cashless credit? Please contact support@gettoken.com

2. It’s over. We’ve broken up with single-use cups.

Our patrons have always been amazing at keeping our site pristine and leaving no litter behind (you even made the news - remember), but the real challenge is in actually making less waste to start with.

With this in mind, we've made the move to reusable cups. So, when you head to one of our bars instead of being handed a single use bio-cup, you'll get a reusable plastic glass. There'll be a $5 deposit which you can get back whenever you return the cup.

Instead of going to landfill each cup will be washed and re-used, not just for this event, but hopefully, for many years to come. It's pretty simple and we think you're going to like it. We will have a returns system in place for monday morning. At the end of the event you can choose to donate your deposit to the Bob Brown foundation if you like either at the bar or at the front gate.

3. Safe Spaces.

We want PANAMA to be a place where people of all sexualities and gender identifications feel safe and comfortable so they can focus on having a damn good time. We've been giving some thought to what we, as organisers, can do to prevent incidents of sexual harassment occurring at PANAMA. This is what we have come up with.

• It should be obvious - don't ever touch someone in a sexual or intimate way without their consent.

• If you see or hear someone acting inappropriately in a crowd towards you or towards someone else - you can call it out. Explain that that behaviour is not welcome here, or anywhere. Only do this if you feel safe to do so.

• We encourage you to report such behaviour to any member of the PANAMA crew and the Directors of the event will personally deal with the incident. Any such behaviour will not be tolerated.

In the past, our crowd has been a lovely one and you have shown the space so much respect. We feel that you want an event where everyone feels safe as much as we do. Let's make it happen.

4. Getting there and on arrival.

• The address of the festival is 570 Lone Star road, Golconda. The site will be signposted from the main road (Golconda Rd/B81). Note: phone reception is limited in this area.


•  If you have a Friday inclusive ticket you are welcome to arrive from 12 noon - 7 pm on Friday, March 8th. If you have a weekend pass you are welcome to arrive between 9am and 7pm on Saturday March 9th.

• Please note: gate opening times are strict - arrivals will not be accepted after 7 pm.

• Patrons will head home Monday morning. The site must be vacated by 12 noon.

• For a range of reasons (space, vibe, environment) we’d love for people to carpool as much as possible. We don’t want to turn the space into a car park, so try and work together. Road trips are more fun with full cars anyway. Head to our ‘Carpooling to PANAMA 2019’ Facebook group to seek or offer a lift and follow the instructions there.

• Camping sites are allocated as you arrive, so if you wish to camp with your friends/family it is important that you arrive together.

• Once you have been sited, for safety reasons, you won’t be able to leave and come back again, so make sure you have everything you need (cash, warm clothes, etc).

• Campervans are welcome.

• Please note: The PANAMA site is limited in size. There is space to camp and park but cars will need to be parked close together and it may not be possible to camp directly beside your car. Keep this in mind with your plan. Also, PANAMA is not the place for elaborate multi-tent and social hangout campsites. Keep it lean as most of the time you’ll want to be where the action is anyway.


Staying in Launceston longer? The team at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Launceston are friends of the festival and have an offer for PANAMA Patrons needing accommodation in the days either side of the festival. Use this link to access a special offer of 15% off the best available rate.

5. Important notes for all ticket holders.

• It is the purchaser's responsibility to make sure each person in their group has their own individual ticket (especially if arriving separately).

• Each individual ticket has a unique barcode, so make sure that you do not give a copy of the same ticket to more than one person.

• It is essential to bring either a paper or digital copy of each individual ticket (note - phone reception is not reliable on the event site, so you will need to have a copy of your ticket downloaded and saved to your device beforehand).

• There are no gate sales.

6. Site Rules.

• No BYO alcohol anywhere on site. We always try to keep bar prices reasonable and quality high so please support the festival to be able to continue. BYO alcohol will be confiscated.

• PANAMA operates under a Total Fire Ban. No personal fires or candles. Gas or fuel stoves for cooking are ok.

• Biodegradable soaps and shampoos only, please.

• No pets, no drumming, and no personal stereos.

• Smokers, please stick to the smoking areas provided.

• This is a ZERO WASTE event. You are responsible for your rubbish removal.

‘You ship it in, you ship it out’.

• Please do not ever invade a stage. Respect the artists.

7. Children and families.

PANAMA is a music festival (it can be loud at times) but it’s still a great event for children and families. We have a wonderful Kid’s Space, with programmed activities (though it’s a BYO adult situation).

8. What you’ll need

• Tent, bedding and warm clothes. It can get cold at night.

• Wet weather gear. We’re hoping for a dry weekend but bring a raincoat, wellies and umbrellas in case.

• Food: There will be a range of foodies on site, providing coffee and tasty options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Feel free to bring your own supplies too.

• A reusable water bottle. There will be a few points on site where you can refill your bottle with Mt. Arthur Spring Water.

• Hat, sun cream.

• Blankets/rugs to lounge on.

• A torch.

• A yoga mat. Yoga sessions have been organised on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

• Earplugs if you think you might need them either while on the dancefloor or getting a good nights rest. Note; while the main stage program closes at 11 pm each night, The Bedouin is programmed until 3 am on Saturday and Sunday.

9. First Aid.

For any first aid incident requiring attention please seek assistance from any crew member with a radio or at any bar or stage.

There are ants nests on the site and you could get a sting over the weekend. To prevent our first aid team getting called to constantly treat these bites please bring along some stingoes and take care with your clothing and footwear on the property. For most people, the stings are painful only briefly.

10. The Great PANAMA Clothes Swap.

It is our pleasure to welcome back The Great PANAMA Clothes Swap, brought to you by our friends at Suitcase Rummage.

• To take part, bring along 2-5 valued items for trade at the Great Panama Clothes Swap. Swapping works best when there is a high standard of items to exchange. So, please bring along items that are clean, good quality and with no faults.

• Drop off your pieces at the lakeside shade on Sunday morning and come back for an afternoon rummage. This is your chance to do a little wardrobe clean out and pick up some new beauties in exchange, maybe a new outfit for the Bedouin.

• This is for men and children too - get amongst it!

11. Liability:

We cannot accept responsibility or liability for injury on site under any circumstances. Attendance at this event is at your own risk. Please read full ticketing conditions (available at the purchase point and on your ticket) before attending the event.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you soon.

 We are PANAMA.