There are 1000 tickets available to a festival called PANAMA 2015

Children 4 and under can attend for free

Kids 5 – 11 passes $50

Teenagers 12 – 17 passes $110

Adults full weekend passes are $175

Friday Early Arrival and Pre-Party: Adults add $25 Teenagers add $10

Early Arrival – Friday on my mind.
This year we are offering an optional early arrival ticket. We’ll be opening the gates for arrival between 12 noon and 7pm Friday March 6. This will give you a chance to set up camp and be ready for the festival on Saturday. We won’t be programming the main stage but we’ll open the Bedouin Club Bar for a pre-festival dance with some mystery bands and DJs to kick things off. See the ticketing page for details. It’s totally fine to arrive on Saturday morning too and the official program won’t start until noon on Saturday…but if you have Friday off, come and settle in early. Caterers will be operational Friday evening until Monday morning.

Day Passes
The program has been designed with the full weekend in mind. We’re hoping for a swift sell-out and so at this stage we wont be offering day passes.

Please bring proof of age for all non-adult passes if they can walk. Babies are cool.

Please take the time to read all the essential information and ticketing terms and conditions before purchasing.

Once tickets have sold out we will not be able to make further tickets available.

Refunds: We do not offer refunds for tickets purchased. It is possible to change the name on a ticket if you'd like to give or sell your ticket to a friend.

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